Alexander Blackburn was born in Durham, N.C., where his father was a teacher of writers at Duke University; among his students were such literary luminaries as William Styron, Mac Hyman, Reynolds Price, Anne Tyler and William deBuys. Blackburn has published two novels, a collection of essays, a study of the picaresque novel in Spain, France, England, Germany and America, a major critical study of Nobel-nominated southwestern novelist-philosopher Frank Waters and an autobiographical / biographical memoir. He has also published two ground-breaking anthologies of western fiction writers. Completed are two more novels, one about Los Alamos, the other patterned after Colorado coal mining wars - The Door of the Sad People. Blackburn is a graduate from Phillips Academy Andover, Yale University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and University of Cambridge, England (Ph.D. in English). He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife since 1975, Dr. Inés Dölz- Blackburn, Chilean- born author and professor of Spanish Language and Literature. CLICK HERE to visit Alexander Blackburn's website.


George R. Douthit IIIGeorge R. Douthit III is a man of many talents. Some might go so far as to say that he's a modern day renaissance man, as he is a gifted watercolorist and landscape artist, writer, teacher, lecturer and amateur historian. His career included newspaper reporting, entrepreneurship and playwriting. Along the way he's been a friend to many . . .  and an inspiration to all who've had the good fortune to know him. A man of indefatigable energy and good cheer, he and his wife of forty-seven years, Alice Irene Douthit, have raised a family of five children. He is a grandfather and a great grandfather, an icon and shining light. He and Alice live in southern Colorado, close to the Sangre Cristo mountains.


John Dwaine McKennaJohn Dwaine McKenna is the acclaimed author of The Neversink Chronicles, an anthology of stories which detail The Taking: a mass confiscation of private properties containing unlimited quantities of potable water by the City of New York during the 1930's. In 2012, his second award-winner, The Whim-Wham Man, a-coming-of-age and murder mystery which takes place in Colorado just prior to World War II. John's latest work, released in 2013, is a second anthology titled Colorado Noir.  A critically acclaimed collection of eleven hard-boiled crime stories, Colorado Noir takes noir fiction lovers into the underbelly of Colorado Springs, where crime and violence sometimes reign in  the shadows of affluence.