Ivan Doig’s Obituary Penned By John Dwaine McKenna


On April 9, 2015 the voice of one of the greatest chroniclers of the American West was lost forever with the death of Montana author Ivan Doig, at age 75. He wrote a total of 16 books, nearly all of which are set in his beloved home state of Montana, where his keen ear for dialogue and strong sense of place were transferred to the written page with his vivid prose. He was a wordsmith whose unmatched tales and artistry went—like the great Frank Waters—largely unnoticed and underappreciated east of the Mississippi River . . . which is a pity. Ivan Doig will be greatly missed by the lovers of great literature who took the time to seek and read his works. His loss is a loss for us all.

If you’re not familiar with his books, I would recommend The Whistling Season, “,” as a great place to begin reading. It’s Ivan Doig at his eloquent best.


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